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Archie Meets the Punisher - The Punisher

Archie Meets the Punisher

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In 1994, the Punisher decided to take a one comic vacation from cruising the mean streets of NYC. He takes a government contract to track down the notorious drug dealer known as Red. Where is the scumbag hiding you might ask? Well, the answer to that question would be the quaint little hamlet known as Riverdale. The government contract insists that the Punisher use non-lethal methods and bring Red  in for government interrogation about East Coast drug trafficking; thus conveniently saving Archie and the gang from losing their child-like  innocence in a shower of blood and gore.

Marvel Comic cover for Archie and Punisher crossover

Marvel comic cover of the crossover

Okay you ask yourself, even, if the Punisher was in Riverdale, why would he be hanging out with high school students? Well, apparently the lonesome scum that is to be apprehended resembles Archie but with a set of buck teeth. Naturally, of course, as case of mistaken identity occurs and the Punisher makes Archie his primary target. Meanwhile, other drug dealers and gangsters also think that Archie is Red and seek to wipe out the competition. Of course, the Punisher quickly gets his man only to discover that Archie isn’t Red.

Archie and the Punisher

Archie and the Punisher, face to face

The odd couple team up to track down Veronica who has been abducted by these evildoers. The Punisher, of course, tracks them down, saves the young lady, and easily  dispatches them non-lethally for a change. He also quickly tracks down the real Red and thanks to the innocence of Riverdale, decides to let him live. The bizarreness of the comic doesn’t end there. Throughout the comic, there are a bunch of  crossover references. It even hints that the next crossover would be Jughead and Wolverine. The readers should be very thankful that has never come to pass.

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