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The Battle of Grand Nixon Island - The Punisher

The Battle of Grand Nixon Island

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Grand Nixon Island is…well and island in the South Pacific ocean, what’s unique about this island is the fact that is isn’t part of any nation. It isn’t in any national territory whatsoever, and has subsequently been used by many different military and intelligence agencies, from the U.S. Marines, the SAS, to the CIA.

As the island gained more and more infamy it became something of a haven for criminals and mercenaries looking for refuge/ a base of operations. This attracted the very attention of General Kreigkopf, a former U.S. Marine who fled to the island to escape court martial, who began using the island as a headquarters for himself and his band of mercenaries. The island became an internationally known refuge for criminals and scum alike, with relative freedom from the law. The CIA choosing to use Kreigkopf and let him be because of his knowledge of high ranking government officials and classified data.

General Kreigkopf used the resources he’s gained through his merc-empire to revive The Russian as a cybernetic ¬†enhanced super assassin who feels no pain and is nearly indestructible. From here he uses The Russian as part of his master plan to make Grand Nixon Island the capitol of international terrorists in world by using a nuclear bomb to destroy Brussels during a meeting of the EU there by killing most of the worlds leaders and crippling global governments. Kreigkopf’s plan includes gaining the confidence of the French government, who is seeking to test nuclear devices near the island, then steal the nuclear arms from them using The Russian and his substantial force of mercs.

Frank Castle catches wind of everything and begins his attack on the island of scum and villainy. During the Army of One (2002) Punisher infiltrates the island and begins killing mercenaries using stealth and his trademark ruthlessness to dispatch dozens of mercs in a short period of time. When Kreigkopf returns from stealing the nuke he discovers that someone is killing his mercs and order The Russian to take the nuke and drop it on Brussels while the rest of his men hunt down The Punisher.

Catching Kreigkopf off-guard Punisher appears and shoots Kreigkopf after a brief confrontation, but doesn’t finish the job only mortally wounding him before going after The Russian and the nuke. Kreigkopf sits bleeding out, refusing medical care while watching the plane and waiting to see Frank Castle die.

On the plane however Punisher fights The Russian and gains the upper hand, with that he’s able to tie The Russian’s face directly to the nuclear bomb itself and maneuvers the plane over Grand Nixon Island with Gen. Kreigkopf looking on. Kreigkopf stilling clinging to life despite bleeding out he watches the plane fly overhead and finally watches the bomb being dropped by The Punisher right onto Grand Nixon Island. Kreigkopf screams “NO!” as the bomb explodes and annihilates the island and everyone on it turning it in a radioactive wasteland where no one can ever live again. The Punisher uses the plane to escape after ending Grand Nixon Island’s misery inducing existence.

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