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The Confederacy of Dunces - The Punisher

The Confederacy of Dunces

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The Confederacy of Dunces is the name of the brief team up in the Punisher comics between Spiderman, Wolverine, and Daredevil. The three joined forces in a quixotic attempt to finally bring in the Punisher for the authorities. The series is very comedic, thanks to the dark humor of Garth Ennis. Although, its treatment of the three super heroes might piss off some fans.

The three  dunces each have  their own grudges with the Punisher. Daredevil is pissed that the Punisher gave him a choice to kill him or a criminal, only to discover that the gun was empty. Spiderman has a grudge for being used as an anthromorphic shield against the Russian. Wolverine is the most enraged. Rightly so, since the Punisher had burned his face off, shot his testicles off and even ran him over with a steamroller.

A comic panel

The Punisher gives Wolverine a temporary vasectomy

In the Punisher’s defense, he was merely trying to uncover what is being sold in a mysterious criminal auction. At the auction, he discovers they were selling a men with amnesia, whom he saves from being sold to the highest bidder. However, the Punisher’s lone wolf tactics and abusive behavior has the three dunces fuming.

The dunces confront him and demand that he go quietly with them. Surprisingly, he agrees but insists he gets one last meal on the outside. They accompany him to a diner where he eats a cheeseburger and runs into Spacker Dave. Spacker Dave  inadvertently distracts Spiderman and Daredevil with fan boy questions; while, the Punisher breaks Wolverine’s nose and makes a run for it.

The Punisher kills an ex-con and sets a trap for them. From a building across the street, Frank shots a rocket and blows up Wolverine. Spiderman swings over and enters the now dark room the Punisher was shooting from. Frank hits the lights to show Spiderman that he is now surrounded by mines. Our vigilante heads to the rooftops, where Daredevil catches up to him and starts to lay into him. Punisher jumps off the roof with him, injures Daredevil, and leaves him with a warning to stop bothering him.

A few days later, the freshly healed trio receives a call from Frank instructing them to meet him at Matt Murdock’s office. When, they confront him outside the office; he gives them one last change to call off the chase. They refuse and dives into an open manhole cover. As the trio begins to follows him, they are faced with an enraged Hulk who knocks out Wolverine and Spiderman and leaves Daredevil trapped under the rubble.

A comic panel

The Hulk smacking Spiderman around

A badly bruised Daredevil demands to know what the Punisher is thinking by  letting the Hulk loose in NYC. Frank reveals that Bruce Banner was the man with amnesia he saved from the mob auction. It is also revealed that the Punisher has been feeding the Hulk C-4 for the last week. After Frank detonates it, the Hulk reverts back to Bruce Banner and the Confederacy of Dunces disbands.

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