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Cowboy Castle (A Man Named Frank) - The Punisher

Cowboy Castle (A Man Named Frank)

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In this one shot comic, Frank Castle is re-imagined as a cowboy in the Wild West. After serving, with distinction, in the Spanish-American War, Frank moves his family to a ranch in New Mexico territory. His days as a rancher are to be short lived, though. Four no good hombres rustle up to the ranch looking for Frank’s gold. After killing his family, they tie him up to a wagon wheel and unsuccessfully interrogate him about his gold. He is left in the middle of the desert to die.

Frank attempts to make the twenty mile trek to town, with the wagon wheel still on his back. This brave cowboy succumbs to the heat, but, is rescued by a priest and two nuns. Frank recuperates and digs up his gold and cashes into in for an arsenal of weapons of the day. Upon seeing an image of a skull upon a cave wall, he paints the famous death’s head on his cowboy duds.

A comi panel from Punisher: A Man Named Frank

Frank gunning down hombres

In true cowboy style, Frank travels throughout the Wild West, on horseback, hunting down his prey. He even manages to get in a shootout with Mexican revolutionaries along the way. Frank tangles with them after interrupting his targets’ cattle sale. After finishing off the last of his family’s murderers, he chooses  to punish the rancher who hired them and leaves the Wild West, following him all the way to New York to finish the job.

The last panel of the comic

The Punisher rides off into the sunset

Frank comes to realization that he will never be able to return to a normal life. He chooses  to continue along this path of punishing criminals.  In classic cowboy style, the Punisher rides his horse into the sunset making it clear that he is the new law of the Wild West.


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