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Eminem Meets the Punisher - The Punisher

Eminem Meets the Punisher

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If you thought the Punisher and Archie crossover was surreal, try this crossover on for size. In 2009, the Punisher took another vacation from NYC to visit Detroit in the middle of winter. The Punisher shows up at the conclusion of an Eminem concert and blocks Eminem’s limousine from leaving. Slim Shady and his entourage roll out of the limo to confront the human road block. The Punisher quickly displays his deep knowledge of hip-hop by capping Eminem’s bodyguards.

The Punisher and Eminem

The Punisher busts some caps

Eminem, as any sane person would do, takes off running but is quickly pulled into a building by Barracuda. Amazingly, enough the two of them known each from back in the day and Eminem believes this bad dude has his back. This unlikely duo ventures out to confront the Punisher. Miraculously, Eminem manages to get the drop on the Punisher and pistol whips him unconscious. Eminem quickly winds up in a similar predicament to the Punisher, thanks to Barracuda.


After Eminem and Punisher come to their senses, they discover they are chained up together on a boat.The Punisher gives Eminem, the 411 on what’s going on, namely that Barracuda has been sent by the Parent’s Music Council to kill Eminem and the Punisher has come to stop him. In the ensuing battle, Eminem gets tossed onto a frozen chunk of ice but manages to beak free of his chains and burrows a chain saw from an ice fishing fan, conveniently enough. Slim Shady oddly manages to come to the Punisher’s aid and dispatches Barracuda via chainsaw. The comic ends with the Punisher taking the boat to pay the Parents Music Council a little visit for hiring an assassin. In closing, it should be mentioned that this unlikely cameo, unlike most celebrity cameos had Eminem’s full approval. One could certainly speculate that some believability may have been sacrificed to appease a certain rapper.

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