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Punisher vs Batman

Frank Castle Vs. Bruce Wayne (Batman)

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We’ve mentioned before that the Punisher doesn’t have superpowers, he’s just a man fighting a vendetta against all crime. The man kills with ease and accuracy, he fights with rage and passion, and will never stop.

But does he have a match?

In the Marvel Universe there are plenty of regular people with incredible abilities, Captain America is a man who can be killed it’s just much more difficult than most other people. Tony Stark bleeds under the Iron-Man suit. Punisher takes pain like no one else, a man of the night, killing the bad guys at will.

But what would happen if for some reason Punisher met Batman in a one-on-one grudge match? Who would win? Let’s break it down a bit ¬†and see where things take us.

In fighting the first thing any real martial artist, boxer, or  street fighter will tell you is this: Attitude is the key. Staying calm and level headed, feeling the fight and not letting yourself be clouded by emotion is the key to victory. Now Batman and the Punisher both fight with passion and rage and they both fight out of vengeance. But how to they stack up?

Frank Castle: The Punisher, the man has had extensive military training. Expert at hand-to-hand combat, expert marksman with everything from pistols to sniper rifles to machine guns. Pain tolerance is through the roof, both Iron-man and Nick Fury have commented on how much pain the Punisher can take. Castle also boasts complete control of his mind, meaning that when going up against a telepathic foe his mind stays his never getting tricked or forced to do anything. Unfortunately he’s a bit rough and tumble, an expert at infiltration and stealth yet when it comes to combat he’ll pull out two 9mm Uzi machine guns faster than silently killing his foes. The Punisher is driven for vengeance, his rage is iconic, the man feel rage the way we breath air: constantly and without it we’re dead.

Bruce Wayne: Batman, out for justice and reform of his beloved city. Traveled the world in order to train and master the following: every fighting style known to man, detective skills, criminology and forensics, engineering, and multiple languages. An accomplished acrobat, and master of stealth Batman puts criminals to the ground before the criminals feels the first punch. The dark and brooding Wayne does not kill. He does not use guns and sticks himself to those rules no matter what, staying unbreakable. Time and time again Batman has stated that his equipment (batarangs, batmobile, batcave etc.) are just things, they don’t matter, because his mind is the greatest weapon he has against crime and evil. Batman has also vigorously studied the criminal element as well as psychology, he can read his opponents and guess their next move.

While the Punisher has good training and his strict military discipline has given him the tools to relearn how to do almost everything. Committing himself to exercise, training himself, practice as well as mastering different skills such as disguise, acting, among many others.

Ultimately the fight would be arduous on both sides with each man hurting the other. Punisher will get a few good blows in, perhaps even shooting the Bat at least once, or slashing him with a knife. Batman would get a bit of wear and tear but ultimately he’d exploit Punisher’s rage and put him down. Not killing him but knocking him unconscious and trying him up sending him to Arkham Asylum for some very intensive therapy that won’t ever work. It would seem like a bit of vicious cycle in that Punisher will probably escape at least once or twice but the Batman would keep hunting. The fight would cause destruction and pain on both sides but unfortunately Batma would best the Punisher.

Batman has no tolerance for killers regardless of what side of the law and justice they claim to be.



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