Frank Castle’s Sex Life

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The Punisher is not only a fighter; he’s also a lover. Although, his sex life could be described as sporadic at best, it does exist. Back when he was married to Maria, he certainly had an active sex life as evidenced by their two children. He also still thinks about her when he is with other women, as seen above. Frank Castle now that he’s a single man, also on ocasion  indulges in sex.

Suspiria and the Punisher continue their relationship in Punisher: Bloody Valentine. The last time they met after a parting kiss, Frank tossed her off a roof.  After a year of physical therapy, this Italian assassin is back in New York City and looking for love. Well actually she’s looking for Vincent Carraciola, an arms dealer who killed her husband, and Herman “the German” Zeufrieden, a pedophile child smuggler that may have her daughter. The Punisher and Suspiria team up and catch and gun down the pair. They also spend a night together in bed, before Suspiria flies back to Europe to retrieve her kid.

The Punisher’s time in the Thunderbolts saw him rekindling a relationship with Elektra. After their first encounter in the comic pages, he thought she was damaged goods but still asked her out to dinner. The Thunderbolts comic made it pretty clear they were having sex again.

Comic panels

Jenny Cesare and the Punisher

Jenny Cesare is another one of Frank’s sexual partners. She even got to wear the death’s head herself, when conducting some personal punishing. Her tragic past was too much for her to bear though. Their relationship was to be a one night stand. She committed suicide after they had sex.

Kathryn O’ Brien and the Punisher had sex with each other numerous times to pass the time when they were out on a mission. It is revealed later on that she became pregnant from one of their encounters and had a daughter, which she gave to her sister. On a mission in Afghanistan, she accidentally steps on a land mine and dies in the Punisher’s arm.

Comic panels

Punisher pillow talk with Kathryn O’ Brien

There are other women in the Punisher’s sexual history. There will certainly be others in the future as well. It seems that the Punisher will never truly be able to love again. However, like most people, he does seem to appreciate a  mutually satisfying sexual encounter.

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