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The Punisher gets a Diamond Manicure

Frank gets a Manicure?

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The Punisher Magazine # 4 

“Marching Powder”

Yes you read that correctly. The Punisher gave himself a diamond manicure, making his nails nearly razor sharp, and probably used this method many different times. His manicure was sharp enough to cut the straps on ammo crates, gut glass, and possibly tear out some unfortunate soul’s throat.

This is completely unfitting of the Punisher. Seriously what the hell were the writers thinking? Diamond tipped fingernails, is you’d think that’s some kind of sick joke. But it’s not, and it totally happened, probably more than once.

Of course it is a somewhat in-genius way of getting weapons into a secure location, in the cells above the Punisher even says he’s expected to carry a gun but razor sharp fingernails? No one can see that coming. Even his he was captured and was about to be tortured the first thing they’d isn’t pull off his fingernails, I mean that would have to at least wait until a few hours into the beating of a lifetime. Plenty of time to cut through restraints and kill the criminals with extreme prejudice.

The Punisher being given a diamond manicure is just another example of comic writers running out of ideas, it happens and there’s nothing we can do about it. Other examples would be the time Superman gained the ability to shoot mini versions of himself out of his finger tips. Or when Punisher was fighting crime with Eminem… yeah we’re only human and sometime odd little things just slip through the cracks.

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