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Frank Goes to the Zoo (Gnucci Saga) - The Punisher

Frank Goes to the Zoo (Gnucci Saga)

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Within Punisher (Vol.3)  The Punisher was facing off against the Gnucci crime family, in fact this is the conclusion of said story line.

A lot happens in this volume, Daredevil makes an appearance, so does The Russian, as well as Molly Von Ricthofen, and a myriad of other colorful characters. The 2004 film takes a lot of it’s story and action from this particular series.

Here we follow Frank Castle as he slowly begins breaking the Gnucci family down, person by person.

At one point Frank is staking out the Gnucci mansion, watching the comings and goings of the guards and planning his next step. When suddenly he’s spotted and sprayed with sub-machine gun fire, Castle is hit a few times and is on the run. Injured and pursued by Ma Gnucci and her goons Castle slips into the Central Park Zoo to try and lose them.

Seeing his advantage Castle lures the goons one by one into various animal enclosures, throwing one into a tank of piranha, and using a giant boa constrictor to kill another. Toward the end of the night Frank decides to use polar bears to his advantage, unfortunately he finds the hulking beasts to be too tame for his liking. Growing up in a zoo does that to the animals, so Frank Castle, The Punisher, straight up punches the largest bear in the world in the face in order to make it a vicious killing machine. The Punisher then unleashes the raging bear onto Ma Gnucci and her thugs to be mauled horrifically.

Later in the series after The Russian is dealt with, Frank shows up to the Gnucci compound with The Russian’s head threatening the rest of the goons to attack him. Instead they drop their guns and run, Soap and Molly raid the house looking for evidence of any kind while Punisher doses everything in gasoline while Ma Gnucci watches helplessly. Ma Gnucci lost all four of her limbs during the bear attack and is nothing but a stump at this point, unable to do anything to stop Frank Castle. Punisher lights the mansion on fire and walks out.

But this doesn’t finish Ma Gnucci just yet, she manages to hop out the window and begin biting at Castle’s ankles and Frank does the only logical thing in this situation: he punts the burning, stumpy Ma Gnucci right back into the fire.


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