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Frank's Final Fight (PunisherMAX) - The Punisher

Frank’s Final Fight (PunisherMAX)

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The recent PunisherMAX series featured one of Frank’s most satisfying final fights with the Kingpin. Through the series, the Punisher has had to deal with the Kingpin’s assassins, first Bullseye and then Elektra. The Punisher is still badly wounded from his last encounter with Elektra; when, the Kingpin arranges a face to face meeting. Outside of his old family’s house, the Punisher once again faces Wilson Fisk in the flesh.

The Kingpin and his men are waiting in ambush for the Punisher. A fierce gun battle ensues reducing the combatants down to just Castle and Fisk.  The titans collide in some heated bare knuckle boxing with some handy household items. Throughout, the fight the Punisher sees his life flash before his eyes. A badly wounded Punisher, manages to get Kingpin in the head with a hammer before he can finish the vigilante off.

Kingpin limps back to his headquarters, only to discover that he is not to be let in. Vanessa Fisk is his estranged wife has ordered him not to be let in. As the Kingpin ponders what to do, he turns around to see the Punisher. Frank ends their fight for good with a well placed round to Fisk’s skull.

A profusely bleeding Frank attempts to walk home. As he bleeds out, he keeps telling himself that if he can just make it home, he can live to fight again. Unfortunately, the Punisher doesn’t have a healing factor or special powers, so he can only lose so much blood. He collapses on the sidewalk outside the house and shuffles off this mortal coil.

Two comic panels

You can kill a man but you can’t kill a legend

The Punisher’s legacy lives on through the people of New York though. A horde of  vigilante citizens, wearing masks and outfits displaying the Punisher’s trademark death’s head, destroy most of New York City’s criminal underbelly. Nick Fury eulogizes Frank by cutting the power to the city and personally executing Vanessa Fisk. Frank’s war is finally over!

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