Hitting the Mark (PunisherMAX Bullseye)

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The recent PunisherMAX series did a great job of making Bullseye, a grittier more realistic character. The days of Bullseye using toothpicks as fatal weapons are over. Instead, he is depicted simply as an assassin who never misses and always get his target.  Of course, all that changes when he is hired by Kingpin to kill the Punisher.

When Wilson Fisk became the Kingpin, he cancelled all of his former boss’s appointments. However, the world’s deadliest assassin, Bullseye, refused to be cancelled on. Bullseye explained that he had a contract to kill the Punisher from Fisk’s old boss, so Fisk agrees to the hit.

After failing on his first attempt, Bullsye is shown to be crazier than ever. The unhinged lunatic resorts to sleeping on the grave of Frank Castle’s wife and even breaks into one of the Punisher’s safe house. While sleeping on a mattress in the safe house, he claims he can hear the Punisher’s dream. In another attempt to understand the Punisher, he kidnaps a family and has them killed in front of him. In fact, he does this multiple times to infuriate Frank. All the while, Kingpin is getting more and more perturbed by these deranged tactics. While the Punisher is still trying to make sense of his bizarre assassin, he is is simultaneously dealing with the NYPD. They are after him for shooting a crooked cop and a few other cops to make a get away.

Comic panel

The Kingpin reaches his limit

Bullseye and the Punisher finally meet again and get into one hell of a fight. This slap sticky violent fight has the two hold nothing back, including in Bullseye’s case, vomit. They even change locales as they pummel each other with a wide variety of household objects. On a construction sight, Frank gets the upperhand and with the help of a sledgehammer, leaves Bullseye comatose.

A comic panel

The Punisher fluffs Bullseye’s pillows

As Bullseye lies in his hospital bed, a special visitor arrives. The Punisher has arrived to finish the job and dispatches Bullseye with a well placed round through his trademark forehead tattoo. The Punisher probably knew this would land him in the slammer. But, for him, it was probably all worth it.





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