Jenny Cesare: Lady Punisher

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Like many of Frank Castle’s allies, Jenny Cesare has gone through a lot, which catches up to her and Frank helps her kill her demons.

Jenny first appeared in Widow Maker #1, she¬†was married to a high-profile mobster who abused her horribly, before he was killed by the Punisher, and the abuse didn’t stop there. Jenny was associated with a group of widows, all wives of murdered mobsters. One was even her own sister, Anabelle Gorrini.

After saving Castle from one of the widows, Jenny tells her story of abuse at the hands of her husband, of the cancer that ravaged her body (she suffered a double mastectomy) and the attempt on her life. After a few shady dealings with The Widows, they knocked her unconscious and left her to a few thugs. Ultimately throwing her off a bridge, where she landed on a moving train. Landing in a gravel pile, she rode the train until she awoke in Galveston, where she made her recovery and began her training.

As Jenny recovers she begins cruising bars for meaningless sex, yet cries out that she can’t feel anything. Presumably she can’t feel any emotion anymore, only the hate, the violence, and the revenge she feels toward The Widows. Jenny sets out to get The Widows swiftly and without mercy. The Punisher, the only other person who can understand the life of an emotionless person driven by pain and hatred, helps Jenny in her bid for revenge. Here Jenny Cesare borrows the Punisher’s death’s head shirt as she sets out for some punishing of her own.

Jenny Cesare manages to hit the Widows in one sweeping attack, putting hollow point rounds in two of their heads, blowing another one away and shooting her sister in the knee before kidnapping her. When Anabelle wakes up she’s tied to a chair while Jenny and the Punisher watch, she begins arguing, fighting over right and wrong and what must be done. Ultimately Jenny says that the orphaned children are better off without their mobster parents after the Punisher kills them all. Then she proceeds to beat Anabelle to death with a baseball bat.

Before the blood dries Jenny asks Frank to have sex with her, the blood still dripping from the mirror, the walls, and their bodies. After finishing, she thanks Castle for his help and after one last kiss puts a gun to her head and kills herself.

Frank watches as the paramedics remove Jenny and Anabelle’s bodies from Jenny’s apartment.

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