Lake of Fire (The Azrael Batman Crossover)

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Lake of Fire was a crossover comic that featured Azrael as Batman and the Punisher teaming up. The comic takes place in Gotham which makes sense given that this crossover was released by DC. The Punisher is in Gotham following the trail of his arch-enemy, Jigsaw.

Jigsaw has moved to Gotham after acquiring a construction company from a now dead mobster. His nefarious plan is to extort the city of Gotham  for large sums of money.  The villain will use stolen rocket fuel and his construction equipment to make all the city’s water reservoir flammable. Bruce Wayne is out of work with a broken back, courtesy of Bane, and Azrael is filling in for him with a newly designed Batman suit.  The current Batman is hot on Jigsaw’s trail as well.

The two vigilantes make each others acquaintance in an old church. A trap had been laid for the Punisher but Batman saves him. The Punisher convinces Batman not to arrest him just yet, since they both have a stake in this fight. Afterwards, they venture to a bathhouse to engage in some joint punishing of mobsters. Then the Punisher, being the lone wolf that he is, ditches him.

They meet again as the Punisher is getting ready to toss Jigsaw of a rooftop. Batman intervenes again and saves Jigsaw life and starts fighting Frank. While these titans are battling it out, it is revealed who Jigsaw’s secret Gotham based partner is. It’s the Joker, of course. This villainous team up makes a lot of sense. Jigsaw would have never thought of as flamboyant of  a scheme on his own.

Comic panels

Azrael Batman and the Punisher engage in fisticuffs

Comic panel

The dastardly disfigured duo of Jigsaw and the Joker

Batman is hell bent on bringing the Punisher in to the authorities. The two’s battle begins to get lopsided with the Punisher starting to weaken. However, Frank Castle is not a man who gives up so easily. The Punisher remembers about Batman’s gas grenades and yanks one off of the famed utility belt. The Punisher escapes in a cloud of gas, maintaining his freedom to keep punishing the scum of New York City.



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