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Lynn Michaels: Femme Fatale

Lynn Michaels: Femme Fatale

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Lynn Michaels, no nonsense cop, Lady Punisher, and a onetime S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

Michaels was just  an officer of the NYPD, nothing really noteworthy about her, until one day while jogging she was attacked. The man was an armed serial mugger/rapist who had the drop on Michaels. Things looked dire but it was here that the Punisher made his move tackling the guy and trying to end him but through the confusion Michaels pulled a gun on the Punisher and the perp got away.

As they settled down Punisher and Michaels decided to work together to catch the same scumbag who just got away. They eventually caught up to man, who then jumped onto a moving train followed by the Punisher. Lynn was left behind and went home when there wasn’t anything more she could do, little did she know that because of the scene in Central Park (the original attack) she is now identified with the Punisher. The assassin Stiletto follows her home hoping to kill the Punisher, if he shows up as well.

Later on the Punisher did come round to Lynn’s, this is after he killed the mugger/rapist and two other assassins, to treat his injuries. While there Stiletto made a surprise attack managing to stab Lynn in the shoulder, but was promptly shot and killed by Punisher. Lynn gave him a kiss on the cheek for saving her life, from there on the two trusted on another.

The Punisher and Lynn would team up again to solve the “Vampire Killings” case in Punisher War Journal #57 after which she became a series regular, appearing to fight crime on numerous occasions. Lynn’s tipping point was the case and subsequent trial of a child killer, Dirkin, the justice department gave him nothing more than a slap on the wrists. She quit the NYPD in a fuss then schemed against Dirkin, sending him a pack of cigarettes to smoke in his cell. When he did, moving to the window to light up, Lynn shot him in the face with a sniper rifle, it was here that she took on the role of The Punisher.

Frank Castle was missing presumed dead and Lynn took it upon herself to don the skull of the Punisher. At this point she was hunted by the group VIGIL while they were out hunting all vigilantes in general, Lynn ended up teaming with another hero, Payback, while trying to get away from VIGIL. At the end of the run, she was captured and beaten badly, eventually making and escape and retiring to her family’s ranch. Lynn had decided that the life of the Punisher wasn’t for her.

Some time later Lynn shows up as a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent working to bring down Jigsaw by infiltrating his organization. After getting in she contacted the Punisher and the two worked together to bring Jigsaw down. Lynn was able to organize Jigsaw’s assassination by letting own of Jigsaw’s crazed patients (he had control of a mental hospital and was brainwashing people to kill) into his cell to shoot and kill him.

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