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The Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher - The Punisher

The Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher

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The Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher is a series that is vastly different from the The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe one shot comic. In this alternate world, a disease has infected the world including most of the Marvel Universe. This sinister infection turns human and superhuman alike into blood thirsty cannibals. A few years have passed since the disease first emerged, the Punisher has avoided infection, and scours this post apocalyptic landscape of  warring tribes, attempting to save the few surviving humans.

Comic panel of cannibal Thing

Cannibal Thing with his tribe

Offering some humor in this grim landscape is the Merc’ with the Mouth, Deadpool. The now infected Deadpool, unlike many other members of the Marvel Universe, is gifted with incredible regenerative powers. Despite the Punisher killing him several times and disposing of the remains in various ways, including feeding his corpse to lions in the zoo, he keeps coming back for one more humorous jab at Castle.

The Punisher employs a rather ingenious methods to destroy one of the biggest threats from the now infected Marvel Universe. Hulk is dispatched via an arrow to the eye, made from from one of the fallen Wolverine’s adamantium claws.

Comic of the infected Spiderman

Infected Spiderman

Early in the story, it is revealed that Spiderman is Patient Zero, the first known case. However, as the comic progresses, the true origin of the pathogen is revealed. The Punisher had released the substance by interrupting what he thought was a Red Mafia nuclear arms deal. The substance, known as Survivor 188, was intended to alter the biology of humans for disaster situations. It was designed to allow humans to breathe polluted air and digest anything to stay alive. The Punisher received a mega dose of in the fight, making him immune. The Punisher takes the blame for the infection and tries valiantly throughout the series to make up for it.



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