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Max, A Vigilante's Best Friend - The Punisher

Max, A Vigilante’s Best Friend

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Some say that a man’s best friend is his dog. There is definitely some truth in that statement when it comes to Frank Castle. The Punisher seems closer to his loyal canine, Max, than to the select few he considers his associates.  Max is usually portrayed as a massive Rottweiler. Although at times, his appearance has more resembled a Pit Bull mix or an American Bulldog.

Max and the Punisher

A vigilante and his dog

Similarly, his origin has varied over time. Originally, it was stated that Max was raised as an attack dog and sold as a guard dog to a check cashing place. The owner of the place was killed in a robbery and Max went on a high speed rooftop chase to track down the scum. The Punisher followed the melee and watched the dog kill all, but two of the scumbags. A decaying roof collapsed under the dog, trapping him,;so the Punisher killed one criminal himself and gave the dog, a juicy chew toy, in the form of the last miscreant. The dog was dubbed Max since he had giving it his maximum to avenge his owner. Other origins state the Max was recused from a laboratory or crack house. Since the Punisher keeps multiple safe houses, it could be speculated that there may be multiple Maxs, thus explaining the differing breeds depicted and origin stories.



Max on the prowl

How does a busy vigilante find the time to take care of his pooch? The Punisher uses an automated feeding system that keeps the dog well nourished despite his frequent, sometimes lengthy absences. The waste problem has been solved by two different methods: a personalized electronic collar that only lets him in and out and a 5,000 gallon sand box. Additionally, the Punisher is apparently versed in veterinary medicine and has saved the pooch through emergency surgery. Max is also trained not to bark, so he can be as stealthy as the Punisher. Over the years, the dog has had Castle’s back and has even killed a few evildoers himself. It just goes to show that even for a vigilante, owning a dog can add years to your life.

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