The Medieval Punisher

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What if Marvel decided that maybe just maybe Frank Castle could become a bit more badass? How? Perhaps by showing off and alternate version of The Punisher in a different dimension, possibly a medieval version of Frank Castle doing battle with evil doers the battlefields of old.

Perhaps Sir Franklin Castle was a highly regarded knight of the realm, praised by his king yet admonished, in secret, by his fellow knights. As Sir Castle prepares his retirement to his family home the other knights attack him from the shadows, kidnapping him and bringing him to his family. Castle stirs awake to find his comrades donning their armor and helmets, brandishing their weapons as his wife and children are brought to an executioners block. He struggles with fury, cursing the men to hell until one puts a dagger into his gut, Castle still alive watches as the knights line up his family for slaughter. First his children are ┬ábeheaded then his wife, he is stabbed and thrown onto the pile of bodies with his family. The corpses of the villagers and servants in Castle’s home and lands, the knights stack the bodies then burn them out of hatred and jealously leaving Castle to die.

From their Castle rolls free of the bodies, down a hill and into a near by river, only to drift for hours unconscious and injured. Eventually being rescued by a group of monks and nursed back to health as he plots his revenge, as he recovers the monks are attacked by a group of bandits. As the leader of the chapel, an elderly man whom Sir Castle had befriended his murdered Castle flies into a rage, gripping a pitchfork he kills the bandits swiftly. Each one gutted or crushed under his heal, a midst the death Ser Castle dons the black robes of a monk and stitching a death’s head onto his chest. He forges himself a new long sword, a the pummel a large skull and the sheath wrapped in black leather adorned with ┬ádeath’s heads down the side.

Castle dedicates his life to the extinguishing of evil and punishing the wicked. He gives up his name, his knighthood, and his happiness, allowing hate and rage to fill his once noble heart. With nothing to live for he becomes an agent of death riding a pale horse through the kingdom wiping the wicked from the earth, starting first with the men who claimed to be his brothers and the king who claimed to be his friend.

Frank Castle wielding swords, crossbows, and daggers, designing new weapons and devices to kill the evil men in the world. Embodying the spirit of biblical death riding the pale horse, in black robes, with a white death’s head on his chest. Castle uses finesse and ruthlessness to kill the evil knights, bandits, priests, the evil in the world using nothing but his steal and testing his mettle in the face of wickedness.

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