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Punisher Needed His Family

Frank Loved His Family

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We all know Frank “The Punisher” Castle loved his family, but do we really understand just how much he loved them?

His family is murdered in front of him, he fights with legal action but nothing happens and then proceeds to go on a permanent vendetta against the criminals of New York City and the world at large.

Frank Castle was left a shell of a man, a haunted golem with no purpose but to kill, no feelings but rage and hatred, and literally feels no pain. No pain except the memories buried in his skull, psychological pain of the worst degree Frank Castle’s mental problems are endless.

With the death of his family came the identity crisis, without his family Frank Castle had nothing to live by, for, against, with, he couldn’t live. As far as The Punisher is concerned he died with his family and now is just a dead man killing. The clip above, we see Frank Castle the veteran, the man in a position of outrageous power. And the most important line is the very last utterance, after we see the death he’s dolled out, the scalp he’s just cut off, (all while talking about his family and his love and need for them) then the resonating “And never tell them.”

Castle needed his family to get back to the world. In order to live his life and, and as he losses them he losses his humanity, and his life.  Castle crumbles and becomes the Punisher, a creature of infinite hate and pain and a weapon from then on.

His family will never know what happened to him during the war, what he did during the war, only that he was there. His family was the only thing keeping him grounded and sane after years of combat caused him a mental break: a soldier suffering from PTSD who lost his one grounding element. Losing it all caused him to revert. Hide within himself, behind a death’s head ¬†and a pair of pistols, each kick of the gun and vibrations rising up his arms just strengthens the shell that covers his former self. His identity as a soldier, a man fighting a war and killing for no reason besides the fact that a war is on, a soldier sent to kill and to die, nothing more and nothing less.

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