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The Never-Ending War

The Never-Ending War

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The above panels are from Punisher: War Zone #3

Frank Castle has suffered a lot in the past. As covered before his family was his sole grounding in life, the only thing that made sense in his life. When they were taken from him Frank Castle reverted into a different state of mind, a different state of being.

His identity as a family man was ripped from him and in his attempt to rebuild, to regain some kind of normality Castle created a war for himself to fight in. Going back to his roots as a soldier and career military man Frank Castle became the Punisher and took up arms against all “bad guys.”

Almost a “fight or flight” response to the trauma he’s suffered, he works in reverse, re-establishing his own identity, the very way he sees himself. No longer the loving family man of his dreams, now just a soldier doing what he’s must. Punisher feels this is all he deserves, this is all he is, just another body with a rifle.

In many ways he’s right, this is the only way he thrives. He’s fighting non-stop, keeping himself alive by constantly putting himself in danger. Without the war to fight Frank Castle confronts the harsh truth, his family is gone and there is nothing left to do but deal with it. Instead he orders himself to fight, to train and decipher and learn and become the best of the best. Pain means nothing to the Punisher, how can someone be expected to feel physical pain when they’re mind is a constant form of torture. And not just the rigor he puts himself through, every memory, every kill and bullet, every time he fights ¬†another criminal, he adds a layer to the memories of his family. Not quite drowning them out but muffling the voices.

Frank Castle fights a never-ending war first to deal with his own misery and rage. Second because he’s grown enough to see that without him, or anyone fighting, then everyone loses. And finally becomes is would seem that he believes the only thing he is worth is the horror of war.


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