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No Superpowers - The Punisher

No Superpowers

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Frank Castle is a highly trained and hardened killing machine able to unleash a firestorm of destruction onto every criminal in a matter of seconds. As Punisher he has no remorse, no qualms, no second thoughts: criminal die, the bad guys never win.

Punisher uses an entire arsenal of weapons, favoring the M60 machine gun and sporting dual 9mm Uzis for decades, he’s an expert marksman, extensively trained in hand to hand combat, master strategist, expert at covert infiltration, proficient with sniper rifles, pistols, shotguns and explosives. He can operate and handle planes, helicopters, tanks, boats, and cars.

Being a military man seeing action in Vietnam and being a trained U.S. Marine has given Punisher a strict discipline which he’s used to become adept at the art of blending in. Not only with camouflage, but as an adept actor and being skilled in disguise.

What more is Punisher’s resistance to pain, seemingly nothing slows him down.

Despite all of that the Punisher, Frank Castle, is still just a man. One man dolling out justice at the end of a smoking barrel. And  that is terrifying.

One guy, without powers! No mutations, no radiation, not even a bit of magic, just a one man vendetta crusade. The pale rider with hell following in his wake.

Clearly Frank Castle is a man made for battle, but at the same he’s a guy with more problems, and a longer kill list, than most of the villains in the Marvel Universe. Regardless of his lethal habits if the rest of the Marvel heroes should breath a sigh of relief that he’s on their side.

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