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The Non-Lethal Punisher - The Punisher

The Non-Lethal Punisher

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What if by some turn of events, Frank Castle only punished thugs and criminals by inflicting as much pain as possible without killing people?

Shooting them with rubber bullets and paint-balls, using a taser up close, pepper-spray to the face, bean-bags, and a plethora of other “non-lethal” weaponry that can and are used for crowd control among other things. Wouldn’t it be a sight to see the Punisher with a taser, firing it off and allowing the barbs to stick right into the thugs face, charging him with thousands of volts. Watching him squirm while the Punisher asks him questions. How about watching Frank use a Louisville Slugger as a  tool for interrogation, instead of execution.

Perhaps the Punisher would just begin breaking bones and causing massive injuries to the criminals, a broken ankle here, a shattered pelvis there, all in a night’s work. Hobbling the cities crime instead of just killing it, marking these scum for the rest of their days with a limp or a scar.

Maybe that’s a stretch but what if, it would entertaining to watch as the Punisher just injures countless numbers of criminals, maybe they die, maybe they don’t, that’s the beauty of it. It doesn’t matter what really happens to them, just that they’re dealt with, of course. The Punisher can and will kill these scumbags but maybe, just maybe, he’d be willing to hold himself back to just hobble, cripple, and scar the evil criminals of the world.

Although that would probably just be boring after a while, one scream after another, just irritating and bothersome for stealth. Even if Frank Castle gave it a shot, it wouldn’t last long he’d go right back to murdering every criminal he can with as much ruthlessness as possible.

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