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Fish Fillets (The Barracuda Story) - The Punisher

Fish Fillets (The Barracuda Story)

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Barracuda first emerged from the depths of society to face the Punisher, courtesy of Garth Ennis. Barracuda is a massive mercenary gangster, originally from Boca Raton, Florida. He survived an incredibly abusive childhood and was recruited by the US Army for the Green Berets. After a stint in the service, he used his training to become the most powerful gangster in Florida.

During a stint in prison, he becomes an associate of the wealthy businessman, Harry Ebbing. Ebbing hires Barracuda to take down the Punisher, who is getting in the way of his unlawful enterprises. The Punisher and Barracuda first encounter isn’t much of a fight at first. The Punisher is unaware of Barracuda’s presence and gets knocked out and thrown into the trunk of a car. Upon reaching his destination, Barracuda finds a very aware Punisher who manages to sever four of Barracuda’s fingers and take out an eye. However, the massive thug gets the better of him and tosses him into shark filled waters.

Comic panel

The Punisher tries the fish of the day

These titans face each other multiple times, often thinking their opponent is dead after their encounter. Barracuda is a very sneaky fellow and manages to find out that the Punisher has a daughter named Sarah, even he isn’t aware of. Apparently, Kathryn O’ Brien, who he had a brief fling with, gave birth to his child, before her death. The mercenary finds her cargivers and takes the baby hostage, hiding her in an undisclosed location. The Punisher is determined to make this hulk of a man talk. He uses some good old fashioned testicular torture, via car battery, to attempt to get results.

Comic Panel

The Punisher preparing some Barracuda fillets

The Punisher manages to find his daughter; but, Barracuda managed to free himself, while Frank was away. Their final confrontation occurs in a closed school, where the Punisher is trying to find refuge for his baby daughter. Punisher has been severely beaten up and Barracuda has had his nosetorn off with pliers at this point. The unarmed Punisher manages to find an axe in the school and lies in wait for Barracuda. He quickly makes shortly work of the scumbag severing his arms and then burying the axe in his chest. Just to be safe, he blows Barracuda’s head to pieces with his own AK-47.  The Punisher doesn’t exactly have time to be a single father, so he returns Sarah to the care of others.

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