Post Apocalyptic Punishing (Fallout Frank)

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The Punisher: The End is a one-shot comic that is part of the Punisher Max series. Set in the near future, a nuclear holocaust has decimated New York City and the rest of the world. A few years ago, World War Three arose from confrontations between Pakistan, Iraq, North Korea, and China. Atomic bombs were used, creating a global nuclear holocaust. Out of these radioactive ruins, arise Frank Castle.

The Punisher had been apprehended after forty years of vigilante justice. In prison, he continued killing other inmates until he was finally transferred to Sing Sing. Luckily, Sing Sing had a working out fallout shelter, where Frank Castle, along with a few other prisoners and prison guards, has escaped a radioactive death. It is a year after the bombs fell.  An elderly Frank decides to leave the prison. He takes with him Paris Peters, an inmate with knowledge of their destination.

A comic panel

Paris Peters, the Punisher’s scruffy guide

A bomb shelter in the ruins of the World Trade Center is their destination. The Coven, an illuminati like group of military leaders, oil tycoons, and assorted billionaires, is supposed to reside there. The Coven, in their quest for wealth, were the ones who pulled the strings that led to World War Three.  Frank and Paris manage to make it through the radioactive hell scape and enter the fallout shelter and immediately pass out.

The pair awaken in the infirmary, only, to be told that they will be dead in hours from radiation poisoning. Frank Castle murders the infirmary staff and security personal and arrives at the Coven’s boardroom. They inform the Punisher that they are the only humans left on earth and have the supplies need to repopulate the Earth. Apparently, the inhabitants of  other fallout shelters have all gone insane.

Comic strips

Punisher kills the human race

Frank Castle decides that their greed would just destroy the world again and executes them all. He then strangles the life out of Paris Peters. It is revealed that Peters was an arsonist who accidentally killed several children. The Punisher leaves the shelter and wanders to Central Park. In his mind, it is 1976 and he will make it there in time to save his family.

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