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Going to War No One Wins - The Punisher

Going to War No One Wins

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Punisher: War Zone aka The world is hunting Frank Castle.

After killing The Exchange with Rachel Alves, Frank goes on the run. The country is horrified by the murders and The Avengers, as well as every law enforcement officer, are hunting down The Punisher.

Spiderman confronts the Punisher and shortly, afterwards Frank is visited by Wolverine out of respect, he tell Frank that Spidey has convinced The Avengers to go after him. Black Widow begins tracking the Punisher down worldwide.

The Punisher is killing criminals on an international scale, breaking up human trafficking and slavery rings in Russia, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Black Widow catches up with the Punisher in Congo. However, she is unable to capture Frank, who in turn uses her to help him kill some criminals and then manipulates her into letting him go.

Eventually Thor confronts Frank, picking him apart and giving him an ultimatum. Give up or the Avengers will get you. The lengthy talk shows Thor’s insight into Punisher’s fight, the fact that Punisher created a war to fight in. There was no war, but it’s all he knows know and not only wants to fight in it but has to fight in order to survive, Thor asks him to let the war end and  give himself peace.

This doesn’t work and Frank begins planning a prison break to rescue Rachel Alves. He’s meticulous and knows it’s going to be a trap but bursts in regardless out-thinking The Avengers and using a prototype Iron -Man suit to get his job done. Rachel goes with Wolverine to escape and start a new life, while Frank faces off against The Avengers, who think they have the advantage but are shown how wrong they are. Frank knows they think of him as a single minded killer, but manages to throw them into chaos and after a lengthy fight finally succumbs. The Punisher sits broken as Captain America orders him to stand down.

Later Spideman realizes that his fight against the Punisher hasn’t given him anything and that it was meaningless. Frank is in a customized prison just for him; where, he is doing nothing but training and healing himself. Captain America tells Spidey that when you go to war with The Punisher, no one wins.

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