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Punisher: Demon Fighter

Punisher: Demon Fighter

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The Punisher was created to be a hero that breaks the mold, he’s constantly angry, uses an entire armory of weapons, and has a stark penchant for killing nearly everything that moves.

A winning equation! Take a character, make him look and act like a villain then have been a good-guy, it just makes him that much more likable. It’s awesome watching a hero not give one second of hesitation to running over a villain’s head with a car or shotgunning street punks in the face, the Punisher satisfies our thirst for blood.

But like all comic-book characters Punisher has been in some odd situations for instance Punisher: Purgatory (1998) where Marvel decides to mix things up a bit and has Frank kill himself. A bullet to the head but not quite dead, the Punisher is revived by an angel named Gadriel, who charges the Punisher with a new mission.

Giving him two demon killing sidearms and heightened senses, Frank Castle has been charged with hunting down and killing demons, although the angelic guns work on street thugs too. The idea is that in order to redeem himself or buy is way into heaven by acting as an assassin for big guns upstairs. He was granted the guns, a heightened senses making him faster and more aware, as well as glowing red eyes and a sigil tattoo on his forehead.

This miniseries was short rightly short lived as you can imagine it wasn’t going over well with fans.  It wasn’t very long before Frank was back doing what he does best, killing everything as violently as possible. To quote our dearly beloved Punisher referencing his foray as a demon fighting gunman for the angels:

“The Angels showed me. The ideas was I’d kill for them. Clean up their mistakes on Earth. Eventually redeem myself…Tried it. Didn’t like. Told them where they could stick it.”

Not to mention that this miniseries sounds suspiciously like the adventures of John Constantine in the legendary Hellblazer comic series from Marvel’s chief competition, DC Comics.

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