The Punisher gets to take down some especially loathsome scumbags in The Slavers run. These scumbags are operating an international sex slavery outfit that reaches from Eastern Europe all the way to New York City.  The Slavers run also had some of the best aka most gruesome villain deaths in Punisher history.

The Punisher is patrolling the streets, when he notices a woman being attacked by a group of thugs. Frank is about to intervene when the woman pulls out a gun and dispatches two of the scum herself. She gets surrounded by the men who are about to assault her, when the Punisher executes the rest. Cops get in his way as he exits and the Punisher is forced to bring the woman with him, since she is as immigrant without proper paperwork.

At the Punisher’s safe house, the woman reveals that she was brought into the country illegally as a sex slave. She also tells Frank about how they killed her baby and who is running the sex slavery ring. The ring is run by a father and son team of Eastern European war criminals. Cristu Bulat and his father Tiberiu Bulat, have a partner as well. A vile woman named Vera is the real brains of the disgusting enterprise.

The Punisher is in luck because Cristu and Tiberiu are distracted by their own in-fighting. Frank, not one to waste a good opportunity, makes the most of it. He goes above and beyond to deliver an appropriate level of punishment. Tiberiu is bound to a chair, soaked with gas, and lit ablaze. Cristu is fatally interrogated by the Punisher. The interrogation consists of eviscerating a still alive Cristu and wrapping his intestines around a tree.

Comic panel

a less gutsy Cristu Bulat

Comic panel

When the Punisher has a roast, it’s no joke

The Punisher also schedules a “date” with Vera.  She begs him for mercy but he reminds her of how she masterminded the outfit and directed the slaves to be raped in order to break them mentally. Her punishment is also appropriate. She is totally defenseless as the Punisher throws her repeatedly against a bullet proof window. Ultimately, this human trash is taken out, when the window frame gives way, around toss number thirty. A probably somewhat relieved Vera plummets to her death. The comic ends with the Punisher contemplating how much he hated these scumbags. The Punisher, freer of sex slaves, a modern day abolitionist.



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