The Punisher of the Future (Punisher 2099)

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It is the year 2099,  Frank Castle is long dead; but, a new vigilante bearing the Punisher name has arisen. Jake Gallows is a member of the Public Eye Police force, a private police force, who lives a double life as the Punisher. Jake’s family was killed and was himself severely injured by Kron Stone, son of Tyler Stone the wealthy businessman. While, he is recovering from his injuries and mourning the death of his family; he discovers and reads Frank Castle’s War Journal that challenges whoever reads it to become the next Punisher. He accepts Frank Castle’s challenge and designs new Punisher battle armor appropriate for the year 2099.

A closeup of Punisher 2099

Punisher 2099 with guns blazing

The crimes of 2009 are appropriately updated. Thieves now snatch organs and I.D. implants from their victims. Illegal hoverboard racers goad each other into fatal games of chicken.  Poor people who can’t pay for private police protection are especially vulnerable to the thugs of 2099.  In addition to these future miscreants, the Punisher faces a 2099 Jigsaw with a metal face and a gorilla’s arm.

A comic panel of Jake Gallows as Punisher 2099

Jake Gallows and his power bat

The Punisher’s tools of the trade also get a futuristic update. He uses facial scrambling software to make his face appear as a skull to the omnipresent electronic surveillance. Unlike Frank Castle, Jake Gallows sometimes takes criminals prisoner. Depending on the severity of the crime, he either takes years off their lives with an injection or ends their life via a molecular destabilizer. He also has a handy power bat, whose hardness can be adjusted as needed.

As the story progress, it becomes increasingly convoluted. A female Punisher named Vendetta appears on the scene, as well as the Son of the Punisher. Gallows, perhaps unable to deal with the plot, starts to lose his sanity and becomes increasingly brutal. In the end, he winds up serves as the Minister of Punishment for Dr. Doom and is killed attempting to protect his new master.



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