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What If the Punisher Had Killed Daredevil? - The Punisher

What If the Punisher Had Killed Daredevil?

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What if the Punisher Had Killed Daredevil? is another great comic from Marvel’s What If  line. Though, this comic is much darker than What if the Punisher Had Killed Spiderman? The comic begins  on a NYC rooftop with Daredevil fighting with the Punisher, trying to save the life of a junkie.  The Punisher shoots  Daredevil with a tranquilizer dart, so he can be free to kill the junkie. The Punisher’s plan goes horribly awry, and the drugged Daredevil plummets off the roof to his death.

The Punisher deeply regrets this accidental death but doesn’t have much time to contemplate things. Spiderman incensed over Daredevil’s death goes after the Punisher. When Spidey finally manages to catch up with Frank, there is one  hell of a tussel. Frank blasts Spiderman in the shoulder to escape with his life. Spiderman stumbles offs and passes out from blood loss. Frank regrets this decision too, when Spiderman is hospitalized in a coma and revealed to be Peter Parker.

Daily Bugle Newspaper

A bad day for the Punisher and Spiderman

Peter Parker’s house and his Aunt May are blown to pieces by a missile, courtesy of Silvermane, shortly afterward. When Spiderman comes out of his coma and hears this news and in a grief fueled rage nearly kills the Punisher. The Punisher winds up killing him to save his own life; another decision that he will regret.

Meanwhile, the Kingpin has been taking advantage of all these unfortunate events to consolidate his crime empire. The Punisher, in a weakened state from his battle with Spiderman, confronts the Punisher. The Kingpin overcomes the Punisher and kills the Punisher with his bare hands, crushing Frank’s throat. Kingpin realizes that he has been left a parting present, a ticking bomb. The Punisher clings to life long enough for the Kingpin to find his fatal present. The  comic ends leaving NYC Kingpin free, but also without three of its greatest heroes.

A comic panel

The Punisher’s parting package


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