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What If the Punisher Had Killed Spiderman? - The Punisher

What If the Punisher Had Killed Spiderman?

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What if the Punisher Had Killed Spiderman is an interesting one-shot comic from Marvel’s speculative, What If? line. Essentially, this comic is a re-imagining of the Punisher’s first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man issue 129.  The basic plot is still the same; the Punisher has been hired to kill Spiderman by the Jackal. Just like the original comic, the Punisher’s first attempt fails thanks to Spiderman’s spidey sense giving him a warning.

Not one to give up so easily,  the Punisher figures out a way to exploit Spiderman’s spider sense for his fatal purposes. The Punisher constructs a replica of Doc Ock and fills it with thirty pounds of plastic explosives. The unaware Spiderman doesn’t discover it isn’t the real Doc Ock, until he is to close. The Punisher detonates the explosives, instantly killing him.

Comic panel

The device that kills Spiderman

Spiderman’s true identity is revealed and the Punisher is horrified. The Jackal had told the Punisher that Spiderman was a criminal. Finding out that Peter Park was really just a college student, he goes  out for revenge. Although, he winds up have to stay in hiding because most NYC superheroes are looking for him, including the Avengers and the Fantastic Four.  Oddly, enough the Punisher is found by a group of Spidey villains who throw a party in his honor. Frank returns the favor by killing them all.

After leaving the remains of the Party, the Punisher tracks down the Jackal’s real life persona, Miles Warren. The police catch up with him and have their sights set on him, while he has sights on Warren. The police make it clear that if he shoots Warren, he will be fatally shot. The comic ends with our favorite vigilante, basically telling Warren that he will see him in hell and squeezing his trigger.





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