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The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe - The Punisher

The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe

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The Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe, not to be confused with The Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher, is exactly what it sounds like. This one shot comic, by Garth Ennis, depicts the Punisher battling the entire Marvel Universe in an alternate world. In this world, Frank Castle retired from the armed forces to join the NYC Swat Team. While one a picnic in Central Park, Castle’s family becomes collateral damage in a fight between the X- Men and Avengers against the Skrull and Brood aliens. Castle is enraged upon receiving a simple sorry for Cyclops and opens fire, killing Cyclops, Jubilee, and Hawkeye, before being stopped by Wolverine.

Comic scene

Frank Castle executing Cyclops

Arrested for a triple homicide, Castle’s defense lawyer is none other than Matt Murdock. Despite an valiant effort by Murdock, Castle is found guilty and sentencing to life imprisonment. Unexpectedly, when the van transporting him to prison comes to a halt, Castle finds himself at a mountaintop mansion. Kesselring, the owner of the estate, is disfigured from a previous super villain versus super hero melee. Castle is made an offer of a lifetime. Kesselring will give him all the resources he needs, if he agrees to kill every superhuman on Earth, basically the entire Marvel Universe.


Frank Castle killing Jubilee and Hawkeye

Gladly accepting the offer, Frank Castle finally becomes the Punisher. He employs a multitude of clever tactics to wipe them out, such as putting a tracker on the Hulk and waiting for him to revert to Bruce Banner, before killing him. He uses a more old fashioned technique to dispatch Doctor Doom, namely bludgeoning him to death with a hammer, after a magnetic mine fails to finish the job. He also manages to wipe out the majority of the X-Men, Brotherhood of Mutants and X-Factor on the Moon with a nuclear missile acquired from Dr. Doom’s estate. The final superhuman on his kill list is Daredevil. After dispatching Daredevil and discovering that he was Matt Murdock, the Punisher turns his gun on himself, thus killing the very last remnant of the Marvel Universe.

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