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Punisher Noir (The Punisher in 1935) - The Punisher

Punisher Noir (The Punisher in 1935)

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Punisher Noir is a film noir pulpy adaption of the Punisher set in 1935. The comic opens with Frank Castiglione Jr. having a series of flashbacks of his and his father’s lives. His father Frank Castiglione Sr is shown killing a whole trench of German soldiers in WWI using only his pistols. The next scene shows Frank Sr. being attacked by the Russian on a train. It looks bleak until Frank Sr. manages to shove a live grenade down the Russian’s pants and boot him from the moving train.

As the years go by, Frank Sr. shows Frank Jr. the ins and outs of marksmanship and combat, while earning a living as a grocer. One day for refusing to pay protection money to the local crime family, he is killed by a trio of thugs: the noir versions of Jigsaw and Barracuda and a cryptic character known only as “She”. Of course, Frank Jr. vows revenge and seeks to hunt them all down. Donning a skull mask and trench coat, he heads out into the night as the Punisher to catch his prey.

A comic panel

Noir Jigsaw

Barracuda is located at a carnival and interrogated for information about “She.” Barracuda is tight lipped and refuses to talk, which quickly gets him executed. Then the Punisher allows himself to be captured by Jigsaw. Jigsaw tortures him by carving a large skull into his chest. Overcocky, Jigsaw tells Frank about who “She” is; then the Punisher reveals that  he undid his restraints hours ago and chokes the life out of Jigsaw.

A comic panel

“She” aka the Russian




It turn outs that Frank Senior’s grenade didn’t kill the Russian; but, it did castrate him. “She” is none other than the Russian in a wig and dress. After a long brutal battle, the Russian is killed and the Punisher tosses his mask onto the corpse, presumably as a frame job. The comic ends with the Punisher asking his father’s tombstone for advice about who to punish next. He gets an answer in the form of a newspaper with Hitler’s face on it.


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