Punisher Poseurs (The Vigilante Squad)

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The Vigilante Squad came together in the early 1990’s. Composed of three deranged men, Elite, The Holy, and Mr. Payback, who thought they were on the Punisher’s side, the Vigilante Squad’s existence was fleeting. They each made individual appearances in the Punisher comic before before joining forces to form the Vigilante Squad.

Elite was a deranged yuppie who would shoot anyone that he thought might lower property values in his wealthy neighborhood. This one percenter doesn’t even like dogs and executed his neighbor’s dog for peeing on the sidewalk. The fascist snob astonishingly resorted to tossing a live grenade in a hot dog vendor’s cart just to run him out of his neighborhood.

The Holy was a Catholic priest that snapped after hearing one to many confessions. An axe was his weapon of choice to dispatch those he considered sinners. He utilized his confession booth as the crime scene and conveniently enough, Mrs. Pearce, his hard of hearing and virtually blind cleaning lady unwittingly mopped up his victims.

Mr. Payback was working class stiff who despised CEOs and other corporate types. Although highly intelligent, his shoot first and ask questions later approach to justice results in the deaths of six innocent people.

A comic panel of the Vigilante Squad

The Vigilante Squad asks the Punisher a question

A comic panel of the Punisher

The Punisher answers their question

Mr. Payback makes the acquaintance of Elite, who is in Payback’s neighborhood to kill a weed dealer. This odd couple decide to join forces and stumble upon The Holy joins them as well.  The unlikely trio dub themselves the Vigilante Squad and seek out the Punisher to be their leader. The Punisher has no time for these misguided fools and points out the insanity of what they are doing and the innocents they have killed. Then, Mr. Payback insists that collateral damage in the form of civilian casualties is unavoidable. The Punisher corrects him and guns them down, bringing the Vigilante Squad to an end.

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