Punisher Posse: Joan the Mouse

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Joan, sometimes known as Joan the Mouse, is the Punisher’s female neighbor during the Gnucci saga. Joan, along with Mr. Bumpo and Spacker Dave, provide a little much needed social interaction for the Punisher. She is so timid that she can’t watch the news and rarely speaks above a whisper. Her dog, Frankie, serves as a companion and protection, when needed. In The Punisher (2004) her social anxiety and timidity are the result of a past abusive relationship.

A comic panel

Frank agonizes over the cookie decision

Joan frequently bakes cookies, pies, and cakes for the man she knows as John Smith. She does this to strike up conversations with the mysterious man. It is pretty evident that she must have a crush on him. This is played up quite a bit in The Punisher (2004). In the film, she even makes a Thanksgiving dinner, with Mr. Bumpo’s help, in a failed attempt to get to know him.

One day, she discovers a heavily bleeding John Smith. After finding out that John Smith is really the Punisher, she attempts to care for his wounds. Later, Joan guides him to Spacker Dave’s aid, when Dave is attacked by Gnucci thugs.

A movie still from The Punisher (2004)

A blonder, less mousy Joan, played by Rebecca Romijin, from The Punisher (2004)

After dispatching the Gnucci crime family, the Punisher leaves her a big stack of bills. She is finally free to pursue her dream of country living. However, her and the Punisher cross paths again. He stumbles upon her countryside home after being badly wounded in a fight with the Russian mob.  The Punisher insists she run for her life, but, Joan refuses and nurses him back to health. After he gets his strength back, she tells him about Mr. Bumpo’s health problems and the Punisher is free to tangle with the Russian thugs again.

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