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Punisher Posse: Mr. Bumpo - The Punisher

Punisher Posse: Mr. Bumpo

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Mr. Bumpo and the Punisher crossed paths as neighbors. The Punisher briefly lived in a tenement, under the name John Smith, with him, Spacker Dave, and Joan. He was frequently greeted by this friendly morbidly obese fellow. Mr. Bumpo, full name Nathaniel Bumpo, tips the scales at 1,200 pounds. His colossal size requires him to work from home.

He supplements his disability income by stuffing envelopes from home. Mr. Bumpo relies upon New York City’s various fast food delivery services to keep him fat and happy. Although, an aficionado of all things greasy, he has a particular fondness for pizza. His  ability to consume pizza would even put the  put the Ninja Turtles to shame.

A way too skinny, John Pinette, as Mr. Bumpo in The Punisher (2004)

A way too skinny, John Pinette, as Mr. Bumpo in The Punisher (2004)

Mr. Bumpo has left the tenement by choice on one occasion. After receiving coupons to Vito’s Pizza Trough, he decided to test the limits of their all you can eat lasagna. He managed to help out Spiderman in the process too.  Spiderman crashed through the window of Vito’s, after getting blasted by Electro. Mr. Bumpo played along, while Spiderman molded a piece of glass and some lasagna into a fake fatal wound, tricking Electro.

Bumpo is often showing hanging out with his neighbors, Joan and Spacker Dave. His huge size is problematic and the Punisher has to occasionally help him get through his doorway. Another time, the paramedics had to cut through a wall and use a crane to take him to the hospital.  On yet another occasion, he broke his toilet and had to have a metal one installed, while wondering to himself if they made adamantium toilets.

A comic panel

Mr. Bumpo crushes the Russian

Mr. Bumpo’s tremendous size comes in handy when the Russian ambushes the Punisher. Frank uses one of Bumpo’s scalding hot pizzas to temporarily blind the Russian. While he is distracted, the Punisher pushes Mr. Bumpo on top of him and tells Bumpo not to get off for thirty minutes. After the thirty minutes, the Punisher decapitates the Russian just to be safe. Bumpo got a large chunk of Gnucci money from Frank but had to be hospitalized after a dire medical issue. As Joan put it, “something important fell out of his bottom”.

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