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Punisher Posse: Spacker Dave - The Punisher

Punisher Posse: Spacker Dave

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Spacker Dave was another one of the Punisher’s neighbors. This heavily facially pierced younger man often hung out with his neighbors, Mr. Bumpo and Joan. Oddly, his piercings weren’t made up of stainless steel or the usual materials. He demonstrates this by hanging a horse shoe magnet of his nose piercings. With his skinny figure, he served as the Laurel to Mr. Bumpo’s Hardy. This was played up quite a bit in The Punisher (2004).

A still from the the movie

A blonder, less pierced Spacker Dave, played by John Foster in The Punisher (2004)

Unlike his other neighbors, he quickly realized that John Smith was actually the Punisher. Joan finds the Punisher in need of serious medical attention after his latest battle with the Gnucci crime family. Spacker Dave reveals John Smith’s true identity to Joan, so she tends to the Punisher herself.

A short time later, two of the Gnucci family’s thugs, disguised as cops,  bust into Spacker Dave’s apartment. They tie him up and threaten him to get information on the Punisher. When he refuses to talk, they rip out his piercings and carve “Dave” into his forehead.

Hearing his screams, the wounded Punisher rushes to his aid and dispatches the Gnucci thugs. He then has Joan call a “doctor” friend of his to care for Spacker Dave and get him pain meds. Spacker Dave’s whole face has to be bandaged and Dave decides he likes the new look.

His bandaged look is seen as even more alternative than his former piercings. A group of teenagers start idolizing him and mimic his bandaged look. He receives a large sum of Gnucci money from the Punisher.

Spacker Dave, now bandage and piercing free

Spacker Dave, now bandage and piercing free

Years later, it is revealed that he spent most of his money on his new hobby, super spotting. Super spotting is the dangerous hobby of watching super heroes do their job. Nothing it seems, including the Hulk trampling him and making him a paraplegic, can damper his fascination with super spotting, much to the Punisher’s chagrin.




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