Punishing the Final Frontier (Space Punisher)

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The Space: Punisher series is another fun four part series that takes place in an alternate Marvel universe. In this universe, Frank Castle, as usual, seeks to avenge the death of his family. Only this time, the adventure is happening in space and the killers of his family are a group of super villains known as the Six Fingered Hand.

The group is essentially a mafia that runs the criminal element of the final frontier. These super villains are altered versions of Magneto, Doc Ock,  the Red Skull, the  Green Goblin, Ultron, and the Brood Ant Queen. In this universe, the Brood aliens have interestingly enough merged with the Symbiotes. Other redesigned villains  include a Deadpool with techno-organic modifications and Sabretooth, who is now known as the Leader and has surround himself with healing sycophants.

Comic of the Hulk and the Punisher in space.

The Punisher Vs The Hulk

The Hulk in this universe is still Bruce Banner. Although in this universe, he has four arms, presumably from some experiment in space that Banner did. If you thought the  Hulk was angry in the canon Marvel comics, wait until you get a load of space Hulk. Hulk has an incredibly violent disposition that yields deadly results. In a flashback, you witness the gruesome demise of the Fantastic Four at his hands. Picture the Human Torch being beaten to death with one of the Thing’s stony severed appendages.

A comic of the Punisher and Space Nazis.

Shooting Space Nazis

This series is so over the top  that anything can happen, including the Punisher opening a black hole. It may not appeal to every Punisher fan; since, its campy adventures in space are considerably different from the grimy streets of canon Punisher comics. Although, any science fiction fan is sure to be delighted watching the Punisher and his robot sidekick, Chip,  blasting baddies with laser guns. However, everyone is sure to be pleased watching the Punisher destroy a whole planet of space Nazis.



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