The Punisher has fought and killed every sort of criminal you could think of. In this comic, he finally gets something new to kill, vampires. What If Wolverine Was Lord of the Vampires is an interesting comic from Marvel’s What If  series. Frank not only has to face a vampiric Wolverine but also face his horde of undead X-Men followers.

The comic is an alternate take on the events of Uncanny X-Men #159. In this reality’s version of events, Storm is totally transformed into a vampire by Dracula. This unfortunate event quickly gets the rest of the X-Men killed. Wolverine because of his healing factor and willpower is not subservient to Dracula. Instead, he rises up and drains Dracula dry, with his newly acquired fangs, becoming the new master of the vampires.

Wolverine  quickly makes short work of most of the Marvel Universe. He allows  some of his victims to become vampires. Others, he simply has killed for good. Wolverine believes that Doctor Strange is the biggest threat to his reign. A vampiric Juggernaut makes quick work of Doctor Strange or so he thinks. The soul of the good doctor lingers on in the astral plane until it can find a host body.

A comic panel

Doctor Strange has a really bad day

Meanhwhile, Punisher has been doing a great job of killing vampires on his own.  Doctor Strange chooses him and leads him to his Sanctum Sanctorium to get the fabled book known as the Darkhold. Frank gets the use of Strange’s Cloak of Levitation and Eye of Agametto. These items along, with the usual vampire hunter tools of trade, allow him to make short work of most of the fanged creatures.

A comic panel

Vampire Wolverine makes a grand entrance



Finally, he confronts Wolverine and the battle begins. Wolverine takes away the cloak and Eye of Agametto from the Punisher. But, Frank gets in some nice blows with a silver knife that has been blessesd. The Punisher is about to give Logan the coup de grace, when vampire Kitty Pryde gets in the way and gets herself decapitated.

The Punisher is shocked by how young his victim was and pauses. An enraged Wolverine uses this opportunity to fatally impale the Punisher. However, Doctor Strange asserts himself through Frank’s corpse and calls on Wolverine to use his powers to fight the vampiric infection. Wolverine manages to come to his senses for a moment and reads from the Darkhold, putting an end to all the vampires, including himself.





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