The Punisher Versus The Joker

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Punisher Batman: Deadly Knights has the Punisher making his second trip to Gotham. He is there to hunt down Jigsaw, but runs into the Joker as well. It is his interactions with the Joker that feature some of the best dialogue of the comic. Batman, the real one, Bruce Wayne and not Azrael, is back on the job and finally gets to meet the Punisher.

Bruce Wayne thinks the Punisher is too much of a threat to Gotham. Batman brawls with the Punisher, leaving him under a pile of rubble. However, the Punisher doesn’t know that Batman was a different person last time and thinks his behavior is bizarre. Meanwhile, the Joker and Jigsaw are bonding over having both of their nemeses in town. Jigsaw’s face though is completely bandaged as he is recovering from plastic surgery.

Robin also makes an appearance, out shining Microchip as a hacker. Batman and the Punisher ultimately agree to come together to investigate who is going to benefit from the current gang war. The path takes them up the criminal ladder to a high level meeting. The Joker and Jigsaw burst onto the scene too. In this ensuing shootout and melee, Jigsaw gets his face wrecked again. While Batman tries to prevent more loss of life, the Punisher decides to take aim at the Joker.

Jigsaw is taken down by Batman, while the Joker chats it up with the Punisher during their fight. The Joker talks to the Punisher about their similarities and hints at Batman’s backstory and its similarity to the Punisher’s. Overly chatty while trying to flee, the Joker slips on a banana peel and is corned by Frank. Then the Joker realizes, that unlike Batman, the Punisher’s threats to kill him are very real.

Comic panels

Batman stops the Punisher from putting him out of work

However, Batman’s code won’t allow his arch-enemy to be killed. Batman stops the Punisher and tells the Joker to run for his life. Frank slugs Batman in the face, which is shrugged off by the Dark Knight. The Dark Knight informs the Punisher that he let him have that one but one punch is the limit. The Punisher can’t believe that Batman would stop him and implies that the Dark Knight as a crazy as the Joker. Batman warns him that he will be arrested if he ever shows up in Gotham again. Gladly, the Punisher gets the hell out of Dodge and returns to New York City.




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