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The Punisher Versus Zombies - The Punisher

The Punisher Versus Zombies

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Marvel Zombies Vs the Army of Darkness finally answers the question, what would happen if the Punisher and Ash Williams crossed paths to fight zombies? This tremendous cross over comic is action packed and features not just one but two Ashs. The canon Ash has died in his storyline and is heaven, when he is warned of a an army of the dead rising and is teleported to this alternate reality.

He tries unsuccessfully to convince the Avengers of the problem. It turns out they are already infected. Spiderman gets bitten in the shoulder by an infected Colonel America and feigns infection and whisks Ash off, depositing him a rooftop. The Punisher sees a soon to be zombified Spiderman swinging away and spots Ash. Ash explains the situation and that they need to find the Necronomicon to fight the zombies.

The Punisher agrees to help Ash and gives him a spare bag of weapons. However, the Punisher insists that they make a pit stop at the Kingpin’s place. The Kingpin tries to convince the Punisher that they all must side together for survival against the zombies. The Punisher, well frankly, he disagrees and guns Kingpin down, as well as the Hammerhead and the Owl.

Outside, they hear Thunderball screaming for help. He is being attacked by the the rest of the Wrecking Crew who are now zombies. The Punisher takes this opportunity to blast Thunderball. The rest of the Wrecking crew and a horde of zombies swarm him. Although, he valiantly blasts away, there areĀ  just too many and a zombified Punisher emerges from the melee.

A comic panel

Zombie Punisher biting the Scarlet Witch

The Punisher along with a massive group of zombies head to Latveria, where there are still humans to eat. The Punisher manages to get through Dr. Doom’s energy shields and bites Scarlet Witch infecting her. It is unclear what becomes of the zombie Punisher after that. All that can be certain is that he certainly must have tangled with Ash’s Deadite Army. Who won? Was it zombie Punisher or the Deadite army? The world may never know.


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