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The Punisher in The Walking Dead

The Punisher in The Walking Dead

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Marvel Zombies is an interesting little miniseries, basically the Earth is overrun by a zombie plague which must be stopped. Unfortunately some of the very heroes who we look upon to save us are zombiefied and fail to stop the plague. It was a fun run but that isn’t what we’re talking about here, I’m asking what would Frank Castle be like in “The Walking Dead”?

The Walking Dead, the immensely popular A.M.C. television series and popular comic series publisher by Image Comics, tells the no-holds barred version of the zombie apocalypse. The comics are relentless when it comes to main characters, i.e. the heroes we root for, getting shot in the face, eaten alive, or being maimed horribly, these characters are as brutal as the comics themselves. They kill went they need to, the do what must be done in order to survive. Sounds a lot like the Punisher.

Whether it’s killing other people or zombies Frank Castle would probably be the best of the best, having no hesitation whatsoever to rip a zombie’s head off it’s shambling corpse and beat another zombie to death with it. Maybe the Punisher would even find a bit of peace sitting on the edge of a skyscraper in NYC picking off random zombies with a high-power rifle and fine bottle of wine? maybe just Wild Turkey.

What if we took Frank Castle and made his origin story within The Walking Dead universe. Ex-marine and veteran Frank Castle is out for a picnic with his loving family, suddenly they hear screams in the distance. Birds rustle from the trees. A dog runs past with a collar and leash but no owner, just the lifeless hand still holding onto the leash. From the bushes emerges people running for their lives, as the Castle family is stunned in confusion, Frank leaps to get his family out–a zombie stumbles from behind, grabs Maria and sinks it’s teeth into her neck. Frank grabs a wine bottle from the picnic basket, beats the creature to death crushing it’s skull. Frank turns to screams of his children as his wife lay dying, cradling her children and a sudden horde of zombies surround them.¬†Frank watches in terror as the shambling corpses devour his family.

Cut to a few months down the line. Frank dressed in his Punisher garb, pistols on his hips, shotgun in hand, and a machete strapped to his back, covered in gore as he blasts a zombie into little rotting pieces. Punisher in full effect as runs through the streets killing every zombie he can. He’s learned how to be efficient, he know when to be quiet, how to be safe at night, he’s hell bent to rid New York City of these evil bags of meat and bone.

Staying in the city, traveling through each borough on his quest: kill them all. Each building he clears, just makes more and more zombies arrive. The gunshots ringing out through the alleyways, main streets, and other buildings. He takes no pity on the zombies or the humans running from them. He lets some people live, if they’re running, if they’re fighting, if they’re trying to survive, but if sees a looter, a bandit, or anyone he doesn’t particularly like he takes them out. But being the Punisher a simple shot to the head wouldn’t do no, no, he’d blow our their kneecaps, attract some zombies, and lob a grenade as they feast on the poor soul.

I for one would not only watch the ever loving shit out that T.V. show but I’d probably lose my mind waiting to Rick Grimes and the Grimes Group to meet the Punisher, that would be a war for the ages. Either a huge battle or the Punisher gains a piece of his humanity back, only to take it a bit easier on other humans he might encounter in the future. Maybe he’d save them. Maybe even give them some food, water, and a safe night of sleep. Regardless, I think the Punisher would be more than happy being given license to begin using his entire arsenal every minute of everyday for the rest of his life killing zombies.


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