The Punisher’s Collection

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The Punisher has penchant for collecting the equipment of heroes and villains alike.

Throughout his lethal career, Frank Castle has been kicking ass and literally taking, well, items. Every battle gives him the chance to analyze a fighting style and the tactics of some super-powered criminal.

The man is able to kill at will without remorse and he can see good equipment when he needs to, like the best hunter Frank Castle learns from those he hunts. He knows how criminals operate. He learns how they fight. And if they’ve got any kind of super persona, he learns how to beat them through one of his handy items in his collection.

Now we all know that the Punisher loves his guns, the M60 being a personal favorite. He can and will use anything that fires bullets, rockets, grenades, or any other kind of ammunition. His arsenal includes bows and arrows, as well as knives and clubs, the Punisher can wield it all. But for all of this gear he has a distinct lack of certain “custom” items. For example when I say Batman’s most iconic weapon? People think the Batarang or the Batmobile or any other item with the word “bat” inserted someplace. Iron-man has his suit and Cap’s got his shield, even Spider-man has his web-slingers, what about the Punisher?

Well not to be out done Frank Castle is a pragmatic man who uses the best tool for the job and is always looking for new tools, and his collection is impressive by hero standards. We’ve seen Punisher, not only steal but, modify Green Goblin’s Goblin Glider (say that 5 times fast) as well as Goblin’s pumpkin bombs. Taking no time to master the tech, adorning it with skulls and using it against the criminals element.

One of the Punisher’s gliders

It doesn’t stop there the Punisher has used one of Doctor Octopus’s robotic tentacles carrying it around with the effective use of Pym Particles (discovered by Ant-man) for easy storage. Some of the more interestings addition to his collection include Whiplash’s whip  and Ant-man’s helmet.

This is one Punisher’s most effective strategies, the fact that he can master different technologies and weapons extremely quickly and use them for good just as fast. He acquires, learns, the modifies and customizes equipment to use in his unending war.

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