What If the Punisher’s Family Hadn’t Been Killed in Central Park? is another comic from Marvel’s What If series. Bad weather ends the Castle Family picnic, prematurely, in this comic. So, they are saved from being killed in a mobster shoot out or targeted afterward. Frank Castle decides to put his military training to use by joining the police department.

Frank unexpectedly receives a bribe from another cop

Frank unexpectedly receives a bribe from another cop

However, life as a cop isn’t all Frank bargained for. He is shocked to discover that most cops are crooked and routinely take bribes. Frank confides in an old war buddy on the force, Carmody. Carmody is the precinct captain and swears to Frank that he will personally investigate it. However, Carmody is as crooked as they come and alerts the other cops.

In the dead of night, they riddle Frank’s house with bullets and set fire to it. Luckily or tragically for Frank, he was in the bathroom at the time and saved from the barrage of bullets. He discovers his family dead and the house ablaze. His wife’s cousin, who is the same build as Frank, was staying over at the time. The crooked cops think his burned corpse is Frank’s and hold a funeral for him.

A comic panel

Frank discovers his now dead family

A very much alive and enraged Frank Castle shows up at the funeral and guns down Carmody. Frank Castle then becomes the Punisher, burrowing a super hero idea from his son who dreamed up a Captain Punisher character. As the Punisher, he continues to fight corruption with bullets, gunning down judges who take bribes and crooked cops.

One should assume that after he was done with this mission, he’d move on to criminals.  The Punisher is essentially the same in this reality, although with a few more facial scars. It seems that no matter what Frank Castle’s family is destined to die.  Similarly, Frank Castle must arise from the ashes of this tragedy like the legendary phoenix to become the Punisher.



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