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Punishing on the West Coast - The Punisher

Punishing on the West Coast

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The Punisher’s newest adventures have sent him to the West Coast to clean up the City of Angels. The West Coast setting  is a nice change of pace that doesn’t require aliens or zombies. Los Angeles isn’t as saturated with super hero and super villains as NYC, which allows the story to have a more realistic edge. The Punisher is able to focus on what he does best, punishing criminal scum.

The Punisher moves to the West Coast after receiving information about  a massive drug cartel with dealings in Mexico and California. In this ongoing series, he also has to watch his back from a hit squad that is hot on his trail. The cartel he is after, the Dos Soles, are a major source of illegal drugs entering the U.S.. This multi-million dollar West Coast outfit doesn’t mess around and has hired Electro as an enforcer. If that wasn’t enough to keep Frank Castle busy, another group, the Howling Commandos, is after the Punisher as well.

A comic of the Nickel Diner setting

Despite all the dangers, Frank Castle is much friendlier and more sociable than usual. Apparently, he may have finally gotten sic of eating MREs. Instead, he frequents the Nickel Diner, located in the Skid Row district of Los Angeles. He often stops in to grab a cop of coffee and a plate of protein after a mission. Taking advantage of his West Coast anonymity, he is free to engage in conversations with the local cops there.

In Issue 7, the  current storyline begins. The Punisher leaves the West Coast setting, winding up in a South American prison. The Black Widow and others familiar faces have stated to populate the Punisher’s new environment. Fans of our favorite vigilante will need to keep reading the current series to find out where the Punisher will end up next.

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