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Putting the Pieces Together (The Jigsaw Story) - The Punisher

Putting the Pieces Together (The Jigsaw Story)

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Billy Russo aka Jigsaw is one of the few recurring villains that the Punisher faces. He could be considered the Punisher’s arch nemesis, since it is thanks to him that Frank Castle gave up on legal means to obtain justice for his family and became the Punisher. Billy “the Beaut” Russo was an assassin for hire, whom on occasion took jobs from the Maggi and the Costa family. He was dubbed the Beaut, because of his handsome looks and his accompanying vanity.

Billy Russo

Billy Russo, before meeting the Punisher

One fateful day, Billy Russo was hired to mop up the mess of a previous assassin hired by the Costa family. A very different family, the Castle family, had accidentally witnessed a mob hit and the previous assassin had wiped them out except for their patriarch, Frank Castle. Castle was trying to obtain legal justice for his family and put the pieces of his life together, when the Beaut broke into the scene. The Beaut knocks off the previous assassin and blows up Castle’s house and nearly Castle with it. Castle dawns the mantel of the Punisher and tracks him down, finding him at a mob party. After killing all the other guests, the Punisher launches Russo face first through a panel of bullet proof glass.


Billy Russo aka Jigsaw, after meeting the Punisher

Later, it is revealed that he managed to survive but his face now resembles a jigsaw puzzle of scars. The horribly disfigured Russo dubs himself Jigsaw, dons a powerful exo-suit and is reborn with a fiery vendetta. The Punisher went on to face him multiple times, which speaks well of  Jigsaw, as most villains don’t survive their first encounter with our favorite vigilante. However, even Jigsaw cannot survive all the time and after getting his face healed by a demon worshiper, dies at the hands of the Punisher. Unwilling to give up so easily, after being resurrected by a demon, Jigsaw gets the rematch he was waiting for only to get face planted into a spiky aloe plant ruining his looks once again. It just goes to show that some people won’t quit when they are dead.

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