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Rachel Alves: Lady Punisher

Rachel Alves Takes up the Skull

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Rachel Cole served as a Sergeant in Afghanistan leading a 1st Marine Expeditionary Force FET (Female Engagement Team) and became the third woman since World War II to be awarded the Silver Star. On returning home to the U.S.,  she married Dr. Daniel Alves, and on what was supposed to be the happiest day of her life; The Exchange gunned down the entire wedding.

Both families killed and Rachel left for dead in a blood-soaked wedding dress she was saved by emergency surgery. While she recovered in the hospital The Punisher caught wind of her case from his informant in the NYPD (the one handling the case) from that moment Frank Castle began hunting The Exchange.

The Exchange is a powerful criminal organization poised to take over the entire criminal world in NYC, the group is headed by former agents from HYDRA, AIM, HIVE and other super-criminal syndicates. Upon her release Rachel was upset over the NYPD’s investigation or the lack thereof and began her own pursuit for justice.

Rachel Alves met The Punisher after they both attacked an Exchange meeting, they parted ways feeling a mutual respect both as Marines and seekers of justice. Later on the two would begin working closer together becoming an incredible for for justice. The two fight alongside one another while attacking Exchange, later in the series they team up with Daredevil and Spider-man in order to prevent a war from breaking out.

But in the end, after accidentally killing a police detective Punisher knew Rachel had changed and was going too far. He removes the firing pin from her pistol and when she draws on another detective the gun doesn’t fire and Rachel is arrested and sent to prison.

During the Punisher: War Zone series Frank is being hunted by The Avengers as well as trying to come to grips about his betrayal of Rachel, he ultimately decides to try and break her out of prison!

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