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The Punisher: No Mercy?

The Punisher: No Mercy?

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Couldn’t he show a bit more mercy? What happened to actual punishment?

Frank Castle calls himself “The Punisher” not “The Murderer”. At what point does all punishment mean death?

Punishment isn’t necessarily a permanent solution, but it can have a good outcome for the rest of the world, instead of just killing every bad guy, he comes across what if Frank scares them straight? Maybe puts a bullet in their knee, or foot, maybe he just breaks their hand. Then pays attention, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to keep tabs on particular people. Even if it was just as an experiment, to just see if a bit of mercy goes further than he thinks.

But the Punisher kills every criminal he can, the streets are safer for a bit, until more criminals come forward, looking to takeover previously owned blocks or whatever. Then he kills them all again. Maybe if he focused on possible reform, he could actually gain a footing in his war. A war can’t be won without retaking ground from the enemy.

Mercy is an important weapon. Like a tactical nuke, it has it’s time and place to be used. What about torture, turning somebody off from crime, scare/scar them into helping themselves and others. Forcing them to better society. It isn’t exactly merciful but at least it could be considered grade-A Punisher brand mercy.

Frank Castle is a smart guy and can understand that showing mercy is just as important as ruthlessness. Maybe the current 1-strike policy needs to be updated, perhaps 2-strikes? Give first time offenders on petty crimes a chance to change themselves. And when things don’t go well, hurt them worse than they’ve ever been hurt and kill them swiftly.

In the end Castle will never show mercy, never gonna happen. The Punisher is nothing more than a soldier fighting in his own war, he doesn’t really make the decision to take the shot he just shoots. He doesn’t pick the targets, he just sees them. ┬áIn war their isn’t much room for mercy, if the war was winding down and enemies giving up maybe, just maybe the Punisher will show some mercy but until then he’s going to kill with extreme prejudice.

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