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The Punisher gets Frankensteined - The Punisher

The Punisher gets Frankensteined

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Imagine Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin himself, takes over S.H.I.E.L.D. then dismantles it. Then replaces S.H.I.E.L.D. with his own organization H.A.M.M.E.R. essentially becoming the strongest security officer on the planet with any entire army at his disposal.

This is exactly what happened during  the Punisher 2009 series, with a long story arch following Punisher in his attempt to bring Norman Osborn to justice.

Frank Castle proceeds to plan out and attempts to kill Norman “Green Goblin” Osborn unsuccessfully and then going on the run. Osborn and his partner The Hood, the head of a super villain crime syndicate, revive a dozen or so deceased super villains. The new “Deadly Dozen” is talked into hunting down Punisher along with the rest of the Hood’s syndicate.

While this may seem intimidating Frank Castle does what he does best, kills the villains with extreme prejudice. With quite literally an entire army backed by super criminals runs through New York City trying to smoke out Punisher, he’s able to evade them for quite some time. Ultimately he turns and fights but after taking down the Deadly Dozen and more henchmen than could be counted Punisher is injured and exhausted.

Osborn isn’t having anymore of the Punisher’s games and sends out Daken, Wolverine’s evil son, aka “Dark Wolverine.” Daken hunts Castle eventually catching up to him on a rooftop where Punisher makes his last stand. Brandishing a knife and his trademark rage the Punisher puts up quite a fight and holding his own for a while, but Daken’s claws and healing factor prove too much for Castle. Daken cuts off his arms and decapitates him then throws the pieces into the sewer.

But something as silly as dismemberment doesn’t stop the Punisher! While his pieces are floating around, they are discovered by Morbius and the Legion of Monsters who sew Frank Castle back together, mostly. While many of the pieces are original he’s been augmented with the Monster’s technology. When woken up the new Franken-Castle is born, but he’s not a happy customer. Morbius believed Franken-Castle would be able to save his people from a group of humans hunting them down unfortunately for him Franken-Castle just gets up and walks away.

Eventually Frank-Castle is dragged into the fray after a creature whom he befriended is killed by the same humans Morbius warned him about, this throws Punisher into a rage and he proceeds to unleash onto the hunters killing them all. Following his rebirth in violence Franken-Castle sets out to have his vengeance on Daken.

Daken is caught off guard by the first attack, in a nightclub Franken-Castle defeats Daken, this only makes Daken hunt Franken-Castle once again in order to retrieve the Bloodstone that was implanted in his chest during his revival. Another battle ensues with Franken-Castle gaining the upper hand and nearly killing Daken, throwing him into a vat of concrete, but is stopped by Wolverine.

Franken-Castle is distracted just long enough for Daken to get the jump on him by hitting Franken-Castle with a car then tearing the Bloodstone out of his chest. Wolverine and Franken-Castle team together to defeat the now super charged Daken, eventually getting the better of him and removing the Bloodstone.

Franken-Castle now reunited with the powerful gem leaves, going to Monster Island to hone his new abilities. The Bloodstone’s power turns Franken-Castle back to normal, even making him more youthful but the power drives Punisher mad. After being confronted by a few heroes Punisher gives up the stone and walks away.

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