Wolverine calls Punisher Gay?

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We’ve seen that Punisher really doles out the damage to criminals and heroes alike, especially Wolverine. Wolverine is the only man who can take repeated beatings from the Punisher and walk away, usually at least.

These two are more or less friends, they respect one another as heroes and no nonsense men who do what they have to, kick ass and take names as well as being the angriest people in the Marvel universe. Either way they’re both a force to be reckoned with.

Another post talked about the Punisher’s favorite method for slowing Wolverine dead in his tracks, thinking of different ways to destroy his testicles and other manly appendages via baseball bat, gun shot, kicks, knives, shotguns, and the odd steamroller.

In Wolverine 186 the two square off once more, and as per comic book law usually the guys who is on  the cover of the issue is the guy who wins, so this already isn’t looking very good for the Punisher. The comic isn’t particularly blood or outright Punisher style gore, it’s got an interesting fight but not very action packed or worthy of the characters.

Anyway as the fight comes to and end after Wolverine throws the Punisher out a plate-glass window, which in the superhero world doesn’t mean anything. When was the last time a hero went through a window and was killed by the glass or the fall or any of the realistic stuff like that? No, the hero or the main villain, the henchmen get killed by literally anything, but the main characters get flung through a window or jump through willingly and nothing happens to them. They survive and that’s it.

But somehow that incapacitates the Punisher, the man with legendary pain tolerance, enough for Wolverine to walk up to him an basically just call him “gay.” In an epic display of juvenile, schoolyard antagonism Wolverine grabs some bodybuilder magazines tosses them on the Punisher’s chest, questions his sexuality then basically tells him to keep living in the closet.

Like what the hell is going on? That’s it. That’s the epic revenge that Wolverine brings upon the Punisher after having his testicle mangled at every opportunity? It’s a sad day for Wolverine fans, and anyone who is a fan of good old fashioned revenge.

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