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Wolverine and the Punisher's First Encounter - The Punisher

Wolverine and the Punisher’s First Encounter

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What would happen if the Punisher and the Wolverine fought? This question is answered in the Punisher War Journals 6 and 7. What could make a comic featuring two of the biggest bad asses fighting each other better? How does putting the fight in the Congo, with a mythological dinosaur thrown in for good measure, sound?

Microchip is concerned that the Punisher is in need of a change of pace. He convinces Frank to be a guide for Richard Wyeth. Wyeth is conducting an expedition in to the Congo to look for the legendary dinosaur, Mokele-Mbembe. The Punisher thinks this is ridiculous but reluctantly accepts.

Artist's rendering

An artist’s rendering of Mokele-Mbembe

At the same time, Wolverine is in Madgripoor and runs into a poaching transporter. Interrogating the scum, he learns that the pelts are coming from the Congo. Wolverine decides to head to there and return the pelts himself.

Soon after arriving in the Congo, Frank Castle saves a young boy named Jean from a black mamba and befriends him. Jean uncovers that Wyeth’s wife, Nora, is secretly working with a Congolese military figure, Colonel Embambe. The two plan to kill the dinosaur and sell its head for a small fortune. The pair kills the boy when they find out he knows their plan and blame his death on gorillas.

The Punisher doesn’t trust their story and decides to investigate the gorillas, himself. A gorilla leaps at him unexpectedly and has to shot it. Meanwhile, a treetop Wolverine witnesses this and leaps down assuming that the Punisher must be the poacher.

A tremendous fight between these two fierce fellows ensues. However, Wolverine’s adamantium claws are something Frank didn’t anticipate. After slicing through the Punisher’s rifle, Wolverine manages to get the best of him. Assuming he was a poacher, he leaves him on the riverbank as lunch for the crocodiles. However, the Punisher is not ready to go down for the count.

A comic panel

Wolverine slicing through the Punisher’s rifle

He grabs a branch and bludgeons the crocodiles. Then smears himself with river mud to mask his scent from Wolverine’s nasal capacities. He assumes Wolverine must be a poacher and punished. The two quickly face each other again, this time with Frank gaining an upper hand. While the two tangle, Nora and the Colonel take aim at them.

The two realize they’ve been tricked and the rest of the expedition arrives on the scene. The Punisher releases Wolverine and kills Nora to save the dinosaurs, which it turns out, actually exist. Wolverine goes after the Colonel and leaves him badly wounded, to be finished off by apes.

The Punisher heads back to NYC and finds a six pack of beer and a note waiting on his doorstep. They are from Wolverine and inform Frank that the businessman, who paid the now deceased pair, has been dealt with as well. Is this apology the beginning of a friendship or just a one shot thing? Only time can tell.




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